Traditional Thai Massage

Heal your daily fatigue with Thai traditional techniques and enjoy a healthy life!

Thai Traditional massage that mainly uses stretching to stimulate the energy lines called "Sen" that flow through the body. It is also called "Two People-Yoga", and is said to reduce stress, promote blood circulation, increase vitality, and enhance flexibility.


Aroma Oil Massage

Activate the flow of lymph to collect and discharge body wastes.

Oil massage is a highly relaxing massage that uses high-grade natural oil and highly skilled techniques to activate the lymphatic flow and relieve stiffness and tension. Oil massage relaxes the whole body, and it is also effective for stress, fatigue, headaches, and insomnia. Oil massage is recommended for the customer who do not like pain. Female customers can choose from four different aroma oils free of charge. High quality premium oils are also available as an option.

4 types of natural aroma oils,High quality premium oils


Foot Massage

Foot massage is performed from the sole of the foot to the calf.

The foot massage uses oil and cream to carefully relax the feet from the soles to the calves. It is said to relieve swelling of the feet, constipation, rough skin, cold constitution, stiff shoulders, etc.


Dry Head Spa

Dry Head Spa for intensive improvement of stiff shoulders and tired eyes.

Dry Head Spa, a new menu item, uses a hand massage to relax the scalp and head muscles without the use of water. It is effective in preventing thinning hair and hair loss and relieving stiff shoulders and eye strain.