4 types of natural aroma oils

The components of the oil and the lymphatic drainage massage technique supply oxygen to the skin cells, promote skin respiration, and stimulate normal metabolism. It is highly recommended for those who are concerned about calluses and dry skin, as it moisturizes and moistens the skin, making it soft and lively. Lymphatic drainage is a technique that activates the flow of lymphatic fluid to collect and discharge foreign substances and body wastes that are unnecessary for the human body. We have the following 4 types of aroma oils available for you to choose from.

*Only female customers can choose free of charge.

アロマオイル ラベンダー 銀座 タイマッサージ

1. Lavender

It balances overall emotions and calms the mind. It relieves nervous tension, insomnia, headaches, and irritability. It also has a regenerating effect on the skin and improves inflammation.

アロマオイル ローズ 銀座 タイマッサージ

2. Rose

It has a soothing and calming effect on the mind and restores energy. It is one of the best essential oils for beauty. It reduces skin inflammation and helps with breakouts. It is also a great anti-aging oil with excellent moisturizing effects against aging and dryness.

アロマオイル ジャスミン 銀座 タイマッサージ

3. Jasmine

It eases fears, anxieties, and worries, and balances emotions. It also promotes a relaxed and joyful mind. It also relieves menstrual pain and is very good for skin care, with moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, and skin softening properties.

アロマオイル イランイランノ 銀座 タイマッサージ

4. Ylang-ylang

Ylang-ylang has analgesic and antidepressant properties, making it ideal for calming and relaxing. Its analgesic properties help control heart palpitations and tachycardia, which may also help calm hyperventilation. It is also said to be effective in improving hypertension by making the parasympathetic nervous system dominant.

High quality premium aroma oils THANN

1,000円(tax included)

A natural skincare that proposes a lifestyle of wellness and comfort. THANN is a natural skincare brand born in Thailand that proposes such a lifestyle.

The body and mind that survive in today's society are exposed to a variety of stresses every day. Anxiety, fatigue, and tension have an immeasurable impact on our health.

In times like these, THANN is here for you. Natural skin care and aroma are gentle nourishment for your daily life. Treatments by skilled therapists are a time filled with hospitality. They will restore the holistic harmony of your body and mind and bring you a comfortable, high-quality lifestyle.

アロマティックウッド THANN 銀座 タイマッサージ

1. Aromatic Wood

A bath and massage oil that softens and moisturizes the skin, scented with orange, tangerine, nutmeg, and sandalwood. The main ingredient, rice bran oil, is a nourishing vegetable oil rich in vitamin E.
The texture is easy to blend with Japanese skin, and its non-greasy feel makes it easy to use for everyone.

オリエンタルエッセンス THANN 銀座 タイマッサージ

2. Oriental Essence

When added to the bathtub as bath oil, the exotic aroma of lemongrass and kaffir lime envelops you in an extraordinary spa-like atmosphere. Rice bran oil and coconut oil protect the skin and keep it from drying out after bathing.

イースタンオーチャード THANN 銀座 タイマッサージ

3. Eastern Orchard

When added to the bathtub as bath oil, the fragrance of yuzu and neroli, both native to Japan, envelops you in an extraordinary spa-like atmosphere. Rice bran oil, inca-inchi oil, and avocado oil protect the skin and keep it from drying out after bathing. The aroma of yuzu and neroli relieves anxiety and tension, inviting positive feelings, and is recommended for people who feel tired or cold.

ラベンダー&ローズマリー THANN 銀座 タイマッサージ

4. Lavender & Rosemary

This is a bath and massage oil based on rice bran oil that keeps skin soft. It absorbs easily into the skin, softening and moisturizing it. When used as a bath oil, the fragrance of lavender and rosemary deeply relaxes the body and mind. It protects the skin during a warm bath and keeps it from drying out afterwards.

エデンブリーズ THANN 銀座 タイマッサージ

5. Eden Breeze

When added to the bathtub as bath oil, the gentle and pleasant fragrance of jasmine and rose deeply relaxes the body and mind. Rice bran oil and coconut oil protect the skin and keep it from drying out after bathing.
The pleasant floral aroma brought about by jasmine and rose essential oils leads the mind and feelings to a peaceful harmony.

Coconut oil

1,000円(tax included)

ココナッツオイル 銀座 タイマッサージ

Coconut oil, a highly effective beauty ingredient used by popular model Miranda Kerr and other international celebrities, is used in this product.

Rich in minerals and vitamin E, it is expected to have anti-aging effects such as improving wrinkles, spots, and pores, and its high moisturizing effect makes the skin supple and hydrated.